4 Steps To Remove Your Tape-in Hair Extensions Properly

If you have short hair and want to use hair extensions to enhance your hairstyle, then tape in hair extension is a great option for you. Tape in hair extensions blend nicely with short hair since they come in small pieces which look much more natural. Today we are going to show you how to remove tape in hair extensions properly.
 Step1 Remove the top layers first and then make your way to the bottom. Find the top row of the tapes and put the adhesive remover on each tape. Leave that for about thirty seconds on each hair extension. Now simply peel it off, it should come out really easily.
Step2 Brush through the section of hair where you removed the first tapes to make sure there is no residue left at all.
Step3 Repeat steps number one and two on all the tapes, going down the head, section by section. The tapes at the back of the head tend to be a little bit more difficult to remove so it requires more of the tape remover.
Step4 Brush your whole hair thoroughly, removing any residue glue. Also, if you’ve had the extensions for a long time, there might be some matting, but you just need to wash your hair and brush it. The extensions that you removed can be used again and re-taped.
If you follow these steps to remove your tape in hair extensions, your extension will last longer. And you can find other hair extensions, such as clip in hair extensions and flip in hair extensions from UniWigs.