About UniWigs Lace Closure

UniWigs.com will recommend you our lace closures for first time purchaser who suffers from hair loss. This is because lace closure is not too expensive than the upper grade mono or silk topper.

Totally the price for mono topper will be twice for same base dimension and length.And silk top will be the most expensive and also most natural which like your hair grows up from the scalp.There is no knots to show on the top.
The most ordinary sizes at UniWigs.com are 5’’X5’’, 4’’X5’’, 4’’X4’’. But do you know what does this size for and how to choose the right size? Here I am going to show you.



So before you choose a hairpiece or topper, make sure you measured the right dimension which will across the thinning or bald part.
Kindly find a video to see how to measure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KGSI4a_Q00

Colors might be the biggest problem ever while you choose the hair products.Basically we have natural black, 1# jet black and 1B# off black for lace closures. Mono and silk topper has more selections for colors from black to blonde.

This situation depend on what is your skin tone. Lace closures are mainly for medium to dark skin, but mono and silk top will be more for light skin.
But don’t worry if you cannot find the color you want, just contact our customer service for custom order request. UniWigs.com has been working for custom orders for more than 4 years by using superior remy hair and reasonable price.

A very important thing that you need to realize that hair toppers aim to cover the top of our head, but if you want to cover the crown part, you may need to order the bigger dimension which can across your crown or you can ask the higher density for the topper which will be the custom product.