Flip In Hair Extensions

16″ Human Hair/Synthetic Blend Flip In Hair Extension E41001

Now you see that flip in hair has become a popular and brilliant hair extension piece to girls around the world. As an innovative alternative to achieve longer, thicker hair in minutes without damaging your natural hair, flip in hair extensions give up the traditional hair extension methods of gluing, clipping and weaving, while bring you temporary and instant hair extension which simply sits on your head and stays perfectly in place with an undetectable, transparent wire which is hidden by your own hair.

Easy and simple to use, it takes literally one minute to fit the flip-in hair extensions and only one second to remove them. It’s hassle-free and looks completely natural which will be invisible to everyone.

Flip-In Hair extensions made from human hair can be treated just like your own hair. Using hairdryers, straightening irons, curling tongs or clips is absolutely fine, and you can brush, wash and style the Flip-In Hair extensions as you would do to your own hair.

It’s also very important to look after your Flip-In Hair extensions. Take the following tips and lengthen the life span of your Flip-In Hair extensions. First, when combing Flip-In Hair extensions, better to start from the end of the hairs length, working up little by little towards the top. Secondly, remember to brush the hair through before shampooing, using a moisture shampoo and washing your Flip-In Hair extensions as little as possible. Moreover, do not rub the hair between both hands and spray the hair extensions with a heat protector before using heat.


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