How To Choose The Right Thickness Of Clip In Hair Extensions

As many of you know, clip in hair extensions are very popular among women who pursue beauty. Nowadays, there are varieties of clip in hair extensions on the market, today we are going to talk about the right thickness of clip in hair extensions you should choose.
 The Type Of Your Natural Hair
In order to get a good match and have your hair extensions look realistic, you should first analyze your own natural hair. If you were to buy a lot of wavy hair and you normally have thinner or finer straight hair it may not match the leave out hair you will have to blend. It is very important to consider the blending of your natural hair to the extensions for the most realistic look. A good rule of thumb is to order what your natural hair is like.
The Reason Why You Want Extensions
Most people think that extensions are just for adding length, there is another reason, to add volume and fullness. Some people are looking for a combination of both! Whichever reason brought you to getting extensions, choosing the correct amount of hair to achieve the desired look is crucial. If you want fullness then selecting a higher gram will most certainly achieve this.
So before you buy hair extensions, think about the 2 questions, you will get the correct thickness. And you can find different beautiful options from UniWigs.