How To Cut And Layer Hair Extensions

As many of you know, clip in hair extensions are worn by women worldwide and are in high demand. Many women choose clip in hair extensions to enhance their look and make their hair appear thicker and longer. Today we are going to show you a tutorial about how to cut and layer hair extensions to make them more natural.
 Step1 Clipping all the hair extensions into place around the head. With them clipped into their proper spot they can be trimmed down to the desired length. After the hair is roughly trimmed the hair extensions are removed so they can be layered and thinned out.
Step2 Layering the extensions is easy to do once you know how to properly position the scissors. Starting about 2-3 inches up from the bottom of the hair, carefully snip downwards at a vertical angle, until the bottom of the strands are reached. This method is continued through each extension so they are all thinned evenly.
Step3 The last step is to clip the extensions back into place, once more on the head, and trim the hair around the face to align with any face framing layers. This will help them blend better with your tresses and appear more natural.
It’s quite easy, right? If your are considering buying hair extensions to enhance your look, don’t miss out the clip in hair extension from UniWigs.