New Update of in 2017

hair weft

UniWigs update new products every month, we also search for new collection that women love to satified their beauty need. After many market survey, we found that african american women like “lace closure + weft” match style, Yes, weft, that’s what we don’t have. But, good news is, the Ali-Queen collection is coming soon! Which

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How to Make Lace-Front Wigs for Black Women

Making lace front wigs for black women has extended from medical and entertainment purposes to fashion. Originally, lace-front wigs were made for victims of cancer, who had lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy, and for professionals in the theater and movie industries. They have however become more fashionable and trendy in recent times

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Natural African American Wigs

Regardless of the texture, every woman strives to maintain a healthy head of hair. However, depending on the texture, it is often necessary to seek out particular products to enhance the beauty, while not compromising on the care. Natural African American Wigs is nodifferent. There are some products that will cause it to grow, flourish,

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