How To Wash Your Clip In Hair Extension?

As we know, many women choose clip in hair extensions to enhance their look. It is recommend that clip-ins don’t need to be washed very often, but after you wear it several times, you maybe want to wash it to shine again, below are some tips for you.
122Brush your extensions
One of the most important steps is to brush your extensions out before getting them wet. This helps minimize the possibility of tangling during and after you have washed the hair. When brushing your extensions, we recommend to start from bottom to top in order to gently remove any tough knots without pulling the hair out. We recommend to use a wide-tooth comb or a soft bristle brush when working on your clip in hair extensions.
Prepare your sink
Ensure your sink is squeaky clean, plug the drain and begin to fill it up with lukewarm water. Squirt about 2-3 pumps or a small handful of shampoo in to the water and wave the water around to ensure the product is evenly dispersed.
Shampoo each weft
Hold the top of the wefts in one hand, dunk them in to the water and start washing them. Gently work the shampoo into the hair with your fingers with light strokes, as we don’t want to tangle the hair. Once you’ve finished that bundle of wefts, set them aside neatly on a towel and repeat the same thing to the rest of the hair extensions.
Condition your extension
This is a very important step as it helps ensure that your extensions remain moisturized, nourished, and soft.
Remember these tips when you wash your extensions next time, they will last longer.

Cheapest 20″ 8 Pieces Body Wave Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are a kind of popular DIY hair products, as girls can apply the hair easily by themselves. Uniwigs are always supplying 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair, which is highest quality hair, donated from young girls’ healthy braids, cuticle intact to make sure no tangle, and last up more than 6 months using life under proper treatment. Today we are going to recommend you 2 hot clip-ins among our customers.
20″ 8 Pieces Body Wave Clip In Remy Human Hair Extension E82005


Customer comment: I really like the quality of this hair extensions! Awesome hair silky and matches my hair color since is the same or exactly the same color shown, and the best of all, for a good price:)
These extensions are really nice! Very well made and the color is gorgeous and looks so natural.I definitely recommend.
20″ 8 Pieces Body Wave Clip In Virgin Remy Human Hair Extension E82004

This product is awesome! I never thought I could have thicker looking hair. I thought extensions would damage my fine hair, not at all! I thought these won’t clip in my thin hair and stay, yes they do! I have had several compliments in the couple weeks I have owned them and just cannot recommend these enough. I can style them, curl them, wash them, wear them straight. If you are on the fence, just buy them and you will not regret it.
So if you are looking for hair extensions to enhance your look, opt for UniWigs clip in hair extensions, it will not let you down.


How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions Yourself

Applying hair extensions might be tricky for those who don’t have much experience with extensions, however, the truth is, it’s really not that hard as it might seem. Because once you get the hang of it, it’s a piece of cake.
Below are 4 simple steps to apply clip in hair extensions, if you follow them, you will be able to finish it in minutes.

1. To get started, section off your hair and clip it up. The horizontal line should go from the middle of one ear to the other. Start off with a weft that has three clips, (you will usually have two of these in the set.) When you press the clips, they will snap open and close. They will have a very tight grip on your hair so you don’t have to worry about the hair falling out. Take the weft and put the clips right into the hairline that you’ve parted and snap them shut.
2. For the next one, you want to go in a little bit higher. This time take a four clip weft because you want to follow the natural shape of your head with the wefts. Open up the clips, go into the hair and press them with your fingers to secure them.
3. The next weft is going to be the largest one and it’s going to go from one ear to the next. Part your hair and grab the largest weft. Repeat the same process as before.
4. For the last one, pick up the hair at the crown and separate that portion. Place the last three clip weft. Let your hair loose and you’re done!
Are you clear about the steps of applying clip in hair extensions now? Pick one from UniWigs and apply it yourself at home, you will find out it’s easy to use it.

Can You Sleep With Clip-In Hair Extensions?

As we know, clip-in hair extensions are very popular among wig wearers, the top benefit is that they are very easy to apply, you can change your hairstyle with clip-in hair extension in a matter of minutes. However, some of women sleep with their clip-in hair extensions which is obviously not correct, today we are going to tell you why you should take them out before bed.

Sleeping With Clip-In Extensions Is Dangerous to Your Hair
Though clip-in extensions are a safe method to volumize and lengthen your natural hair, sleeping with them can damage your tresses. Because you toss and turn in your sleep, the clips pull at your natural hair. In addition, they apply pressure to the hair shaft, making it weak and susceptible to breakage. So to be honest, what’s the point of wearing extensions if they break your natural hair?
Sleeping With Clip-I Extensions Cuts the Lifespan of the Extensions
Clip-in extensions generally last longer than extensions that are permanently attached to your head. Because you’re not wearing them 24/7. You can literally deep condition the hair, air dry it and give it a break for however long you wish. This decreases the wear and tear on the hair that often come with other extension methods. However, it’s important to remember that hair extensions are not the same as hair that grows from your scalp. Hair that hangs from a weft does not receive the same natural oils and nutrients from your body. The natural oils that help your hair bounce back do not exist on hair extensions. For this reason, give them a break if you want them to last longer. The best time to do that is while you’re sleeping.
So are you clear about why you shouldn’t sleep with your clip-in hair extensions? It is not only better for your natural hair, it also increases the longevity of the hair extensions themselves.


3 Top Benefits Of Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions are the best innovation in hair extensions.Hair doesn’t have to be a hassle if you add clip in extensions to your beauty routine,this is the best beauty secret for you. Below are some of the top benefits of clip-in hair extensions.
Pump Up The Volume
2Thin hair had little hope of turning up the volume. But now with clip-in extensions, you can add volume to your hair and a boost to your self-esteem too! You can add the volume to the top of the head, or all the way around.
Curl Power
If you want curls but don’t want to damage your natural hair, clip in extensions is the answer. You can get them already wavy or you can use a curling iron on them and make all the waves you want. Be careful to use human hair extensions if you’re going to take a hot iron to them.
2-DIY Color
Everyone is rocking color right now! Do you want blonde?Pink?Ombre? Or something else?Don’t worry,clip-in DIY-DYED extensions give you the freedom to create your own color. Uniwigs color DIY clip-in hair extensions are made from the finest quality materials,using premium quality remy cuticle hair,can be repeatable dyed.
2-2Clip-in hair extensions let you have any kind of hair you want. Clip it in & out in minutes with no hassle. You can now have longer, thicker, more voluminous, and glamorous hair all on

Cool Hair color Ideas For Fall 2017

As you know,fall is officially here and that means: New hair color trend is on the horizon. So which color will be popular in the fall of 2017? Let’s see how the celebrities  show us. GIGI HADID 1 Hadid brought back her bright blonde,chunky highlights. JENNIFER LOPEZ 2Lopez upgraded her signature brown hair with bright blond face-framing highlights. COCO ROCHA 3The perfect shade of icy blonde for those with light eyes and pale skin. SOPHIE TURNER 4Sophie Turner’s rich red hair brightens light eyes and fair skin tones. KHOLE KARDASHIAN 5 Kardashian went back to her roots with a rich chocolate brown color shot through with caramel highlights. There are so many trendy colors, which one do you like best? Do you want to try one color on your hair? If you are worried about damaging your hair because of dyeing, here is a better option for you. UniWigs color diy clip-in hair extensions are made from the finest quality materials, using premium quality Remy cuticle hair, and it can be repeatable dyed. What’s more,you can even create you own color for this fall! Sounds exciting,right? Come and get one on UniWigs DIY-DYED extensions.

How to Care the Lace Closure

A lot of women tend to confuse frontals with lace closures. Closures are not frontals; however, frontals can be considered closures. Lace frontals are basically a hairpiece which mimics a person’s hairline, covering it up from ear to ear. Today I only want to share with you guys about how to care the lace closure.



As each individual product may vary, consult your hair stylist for specific instructions.
1. Wash and condition hair regularly.
2. Detangle hair gently before washing. Do not rub or twist hair.
3. Add mild shampoo to cool water and swish hair till clean. Rinse thoroughly.
4. Blot out excess water with towel and allow hair to dry naturally. Do not expose to sun.
5. Comb curly hair gently with your fingers. Do not brush.
6. Brush straighter hair in a downward motion straight with the ends. Work your way up to the roots.
7. Certain items should not be brushed. EG braids, DOME, ETC. Consult your hair stylist if in doubt.
8. Hair may tangle if general care directions are not followed properly.

Tips: Sew-in or bonded weaves usually require lace closures to cover the top area where the track hair or weaving hair gets sewn/bonded down. This process often creates an area called the “horseshoe” where some hair gets left out. Closures can be used to cover up that area and add some decorative style to enhance the weave.

About UniWigs Lace Closure will recommend you our lace closures for first time purchaser who suffers from hair loss. This is because lace closure is not too expensive than the upper grade mono or silk topper.

Totally the price for mono topper will be twice for same base dimension and length.And silk top will be the most expensive and also most natural which like your hair grows up from the scalp.There is no knots to show on the top.
The most ordinary sizes at are 5’’X5’’, 4’’X5’’, 4’’X4’’. But do you know what does this size for and how to choose the right size? Here I am going to show you.



So before you choose a hairpiece or topper, make sure you measured the right dimension which will across the thinning or bald part.
Kindly find a video to see how to measure:

Colors might be the biggest problem ever while you choose the hair products.Basically we have natural black, 1# jet black and 1B# off black for lace closures. Mono and silk topper has more selections for colors from black to blonde.

This situation depend on what is your skin tone. Lace closures are mainly for medium to dark skin, but mono and silk top will be more for light skin.
But don’t worry if you cannot find the color you want, just contact our customer service for custom order request. has been working for custom orders for more than 4 years by using superior remy hair and reasonable price.

A very important thing that you need to realize that hair toppers aim to cover the top of our head, but if you want to cover the crown part, you may need to order the bigger dimension which can across your crown or you can ask the higher density for the topper which will be the custom product.

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What the one stop hair extension shop should have?

Here are 5 kinds of hair extension you may know online, and you can find them all in online shop:

Clip in Hair Extensions
If your wanting to add volume and length but don’t want the added commitment to semi permanent extensions, then this method is perfect for you!!! There is an option for a 1 piece, 5 piece or 10 pieces, which means if you just wanting volume for an up style for example, you are able to spend less on a smaller set that suits your hair needs. If you have thick hair we definitely would recommend a 10 piece set as it will blend naturally with your own hair. With the widest range of colours on the market you are able to get long voluminous hair whenever you want in just a few clips.

Tape Hair Extensions
This is our most popular method of semi permanent extensions and there are many reasons why. Firstly, they are very fast to install. Only taking around 30-40 mins for an average full head, when done by a skilled hairdresser. These tape extensions come in an extensive range of colours and even mixes. This means that whatever hair colour you have, we have a tape of two tape colours to match!! These extensions stay in for approximately 6-8 weeks until they need re-taping as the extensions grow out with your natural hair. With proper care, our tape extensions will last 12-14 months. If you’d like to purchase some care products for your extensions, head to our ACCECORIES PAGE.

Skin Weft Extensions
Skin Wefts are a relatively new method of extensions and are now the most invisible of them all!! They are the same installation and theory of regular tape, but are less visible due to having hair starting from the top of the adhesive rather than below the bonds. People LOVE this method of extensions and are raving about how real they look. Our Skin Wefts come in #2, #4, #60 and #613. Get yours now here!!

I-Tip Hair Extensions
Our I-Tip Extensions are most popular for people with already thick hair and want to add length through the hair. We have 1g strands of extensions (which is one of the thickest weights of i-tip available) An Average full head would be 100g and for a thick head we would recommend 150 pieces. Our I-tip extensions come with our silicon micro beads included!! So you don’t have to pay extra for the beads. We also have available pulling needles and pliers!! All your I-Tip Extension products are in the available in the one place. These extensions will need to be moved up and re-beaded every 6-8 weeks approximately.

Eze Weft Extensions
This weft system is for those who would prefer to take the easy approach to Micro Bead Wefts. This 1.1 meter long weft comes with beads along the top PRE-ATTATCHED, making installation so much faster. Our wefts are very popular and come in 20 beautiful inches in #1, #2, #4, #6, #10, #22, #60 and #613. You are also able to use this weft as you would a usual weft, with a minute of cutting of the pre-attached beads. Ask us how on +61 1300 489 337!!