How to Apply Clip-in Hair Extensions – UniWigs Trendy

Hi guys! Today I want to share with you one of my all time favorite products – UniWigs Hair Extensions. It’s the quickest way to add volume and instant length. But when I come across ladies who are so afraid to use them. It might be a little intimidating. But don’t worry I’ll share with you how in four simple steps you can add that instant length and that incredible volume.

Step 1: Customize

All to often I’ve seen too many ladies pull them directly off the box and right into your head. No No No! I’m gonna help you blend them. Here’s how: pick up your texturising shears and pull your extensions out of the box and angle your shear. With a few simple chops what you’re creating are texturized end. So it blends seamlessly with your hair cut.

Step 2: Section Hair

You want to break it up into at least three large sections. A rule of thumb is to always go eyebrow to eyebrow. Secure that section up top so I like to leave this top section out because that’s what’s going to fall over your extensions so that you don’t see them. Create another section go top  of the ear and go straight to the back. You’re gonna to let that bottom section fall out and clip it out of the way. You can begin at the bottom working your way to the top.

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Step 3: Tease & Clip

Two of the biggest questions I get are how do I keep them in place and how do I hide them. What you’re going to do to conceal this little clip is section your hair and you’re going to take a teasing brush, lightly tease at the root. This creates a perfect base for your clip to go into. You want to add extra bit of hold with a really soft working hair spay. Spay a few little spritzes right at the root. Take about 1-1.5 inch section, use your teasing brush to lightly push towards the root. You want to create a nice little soft cushion. After you’ve created that use your shaping spay plus. A few little spritzes is perfect right at the roots.

Now you’re ready to clip in. With your clip open just secure into that cushion, give a nice push and follow all the way around to the back.

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Step 4: Repeat

It’s time to go up to the second section. Same simple back brushing. Just take 1-1.5 inch section and create that nice soft cushion right at the root. Do a couple more sprays, in which way you’re really going to lock in and secure those clips and also hide those clips. Make sure you do three big sections of back brushing. Your weft has three clips so you really want to create that nice cushion for each clip. After you back brush your third section and do a couple more spritzes, you really want to lock it in. Now you’re ready to clip. It’s really important as you’re clipping, try to follow the round of the head and keep the extension really tight. One secure the last clip and pop it into place.

Now you’re done! That’s quick and easy. Have a try bu yourself.

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4 Genius Ways to Wear Clip In Hair Extensions – UniWigs Trendy

I often use my hair extensions to add some length and sickness to my hairstyles and make my hair look overall lush and beautiful. There are some genius ways that you can use clip in hair extensions to spruce your hairstyle that most people do not know about. So I want to share with you some of my personal favorite ways on how to use certain hairstyles up a notch and also show you some crazy creative ways on how to use hair extensions that you probably never see before.

How many of you have been there trying to find the perfect shade to match your hair color only to find that it’s not quite perfect. An easy trick for that is to blend two different shades together to get a custom look. Since my base is darker and I have some lighter highlights throughout my hair I’d like to mix some wet from my mocha brown set and some from my milk chocolate brown set. Because most of the darkness is at the bottom of my hair. I clip in most of my mocha brown towards the bottom of my head and then start alternating it from the darker shade and the lighter shade as I get higher up. Doing this will create a beautiful highlighted effect that is perfect for those of you who have highlights or lowlights in your hair. You just need a shade that matches your base and a shade matches your highlight and then blend away. Now that’s a perfect match.

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I love wearing hair extensions in other hairstyles such as low ponytail. The great thing about creating low ponytails with hair extensions is that you don’t have to clip in any hair extensions past your level. Since your hair is going to be tied back anyway you don’t need to worry about blending in the top part of your hair. I always omit it above my ears and I also find this trick prevents any bulges at the top of my head that can be caused by wearing to many clip ins and it makes the overall look of the ponytail way more natural and seamless. You can’t even tell I’m wearing hair extensions.

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The same trick applies when you’re creating a low bun. I only clip in a few wess until I get to my ear level and then tie my hair into a love ponytail. And then create any bonnet that I’m feeling that day. My hair still looks natural and my bun looks lush and beautiful form the added length of thickness from my hair extensions.

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I also like to apply the same rule of thumb when clipping in hair extensions for creating low braids. Clip in your wefts no higher than your ears and braid the loose hair into any braid you desire. Here I created a chunky fishtail braid and then I looked the ends into a knot and you would never be able to tell that I have clip in hair extensions in my hair.

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Why You Should This Body Wave Hair Extension

As many of you know, clip-in hair extensions are a simple do it yourself technique that anyone can do. It can make your hair look longer and thicker hair instantly. Today we are going to recommend you the beautiful body wave clip in hair extension.
18″ 7 Pieces Body Wave Clip In Remy Human Hair Extension E71805
3-1This gorgeous clip in human hair extensions are made of Remy human hair which is one hundred percent human hair so as to have all the hairs and roots lined up in the correct direction just as they were the were the natural hairs on your head. The advantage of this hair is that it can last longer, stay healthier, stay shiny looking for longer and generally tangles up significantly less than other hair types.
Customer Comments:
Such beautiful hair extensions. They curl and straighten really really well. Super easy to put in. You will definitely have to deep condition them at least once a week to keep them from getting tangled.I am completely obsessed with my long hair!
Thank you for the excellent quality of the goods.I ordered one package, but there was enough for me. I’m very satisfied! I recommend to all.
Do you wanna try the body wave hairstyle? Give this lovely human hair extensions a try.

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The weekend is coming, it’s time for shopping! And we are offering 10% off discount on all UniWigs hair extensions, including the hot sale and new arrivals! Don’t miss out!
22″ 8 Pieces Straight Clip In Remy Human Hair Extension E82202
 The clip in human hair extensions are made of 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair, which is highest quality hair, cuticle intact to make sure NO TANGEL, and last up more than 6 months using life under proper treatment.
Please note:
Remy Human hair extensions have been under chemical processed and colored to make sure its health and clean. It’s not recommended to re-coloring to lighter colors. A natural color hair and Semi-permanent color is the better choice for re-coloring to keep the quality and long using life.
Customer comments:
I LOVE long hair so much!I’m really happy with this product!!!
I’ve never tried hair extensions before and I knew I just wanted to add some length and volume. This set of hair extensions is super soft and high quality! It’s perfect for blending in with my damaged split ends. I don’t have any issues of it being too thin either. I would recommend it! :)
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Want New Hair Color? Try This Pink Hair Extension

If you want change a new hair but worried about the damage, then you should definitely try this pink hair extension from UniWigs.
20″ Ombre Pink Straight Heat Friendly Synthetic Flip & Clip In Hair Extension

Combination of fashion and traditional Unlike the traditional uniwigs extensions, which are attached to your own strands of hair, the new uniwigs clip & flip in hair extension comfortably attaches itself around your head by a transparent miracle wire or clips which is undetectable hidden under your own hair. It’s quite simple and easy, it takes only minutes to apply and remove. the extension can fit any head shape or size perfectly.
Customer comments:
I am so very happy with these extensions!!! They are exactly what I need! These have a clip in track which stays put really well even in my super fine/thin hair. The extensions are soft and manageable and can be restyled if needed.
Love it! Made well and looks just like the picture!
Good quality, esp for the price.
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Feel Blonde Instantly With UniWigs New Clip In Hair Extensions

As we know, many women choose clip in hair extensions to add their hair length, volume or fullness. One of the top reason is clip ins are every easy to apply and remove. They allow you to change up your look in a matter of minutes without crazy damage to your natural tresses.
 There are different clip in hair extensions on UniWigs which are popular among our customers. And according to our customers’ requirement, we are offering a new ash blonde clip in hair extensions.
 UniWigs SILK STRAIGHT 200G 20” ASH BLONDE Clip In Hair Extensions are of the highest quality, protein rich 100% Remy Human Hair. They are super smooth and they aren’t thinner on the ends. Each track is so full to ensure that you experience luxury from root to tip.
 You can style it with heat tools and treat just like your own hair. This hair is incredibly soft, vibrant and luxurious. Exquisite craftsmanship and professional machine stitching secures the hair in the weft. Designed to perfectly blend with your own natural hair and to be resistant to tangling and matting.
Are you curious about this new clip in hair extension? Give it a try, it won’t let you down!

How To Choose The Right Thickness Of Clip In Hair Extensions

As many of you know, clip in hair extensions are very popular among women who pursue beauty. Nowadays, there are varieties of clip in hair extensions on the market, today we are going to talk about the right thickness of clip in hair extensions you should choose.
 The Type Of Your Natural Hair
In order to get a good match and have your hair extensions look realistic, you should first analyze your own natural hair. If you were to buy a lot of wavy hair and you normally have thinner or finer straight hair it may not match the leave out hair you will have to blend. It is very important to consider the blending of your natural hair to the extensions for the most realistic look. A good rule of thumb is to order what your natural hair is like.
The Reason Why You Want Extensions
Most people think that extensions are just for adding length, there is another reason, to add volume and fullness. Some people are looking for a combination of both! Whichever reason brought you to getting extensions, choosing the correct amount of hair to achieve the desired look is crucial. If you want fullness then selecting a higher gram will most certainly achieve this.
So before you buy hair extensions, think about the 2 questions, you will get the correct thickness. And you can find different beautiful options from UniWigs.

Get Your Christmas Shopping List

Christmas is just around the corner, we are going to recommend you a perfect hair accessory to enhance your holiday look.
22″ 8 Pieces Straight Clip In Virgin Remy Human Hair Extension
 Clip in hair extensions are a kind of popular DIY hair products, as girls can apply the hair easily by themselves. A set of clip-ins includes 8 pieces single wefts with different width, therefore you can apply it to any part of the head to make your longer and thicker. Uniwigs are always supplying 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair, which is highest quality hair, donated from young girls’ healthy braids, cuticle intact to make sure NO TANGEL, and last up more than 6 months using life under proper treatment.
Customer comments:
Great. Flawlessly made. Soft and silky. Very happy with purchase.
The hair is soft..the shipping was very fast . Thank u!!
Never used clip in extensions before but my stylist told me I needed some for my wedding hairstyle. These worked great and matched perfectly.   
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4 Steps To Remove Your Tape-in Hair Extensions Properly

If you have short hair and want to use hair extensions to enhance your hairstyle, then tape in hair extension is a great option for you. Tape in hair extensions blend nicely with short hair since they come in small pieces which look much more natural. Today we are going to show you how to remove tape in hair extensions properly.
 Step1 Remove the top layers first and then make your way to the bottom. Find the top row of the tapes and put the adhesive remover on each tape. Leave that for about thirty seconds on each hair extension. Now simply peel it off, it should come out really easily.
Step2 Brush through the section of hair where you removed the first tapes to make sure there is no residue left at all.
Step3 Repeat steps number one and two on all the tapes, going down the head, section by section. The tapes at the back of the head tend to be a little bit more difficult to remove so it requires more of the tape remover.
Step4 Brush your whole hair thoroughly, removing any residue glue. Also, if you’ve had the extensions for a long time, there might be some matting, but you just need to wash your hair and brush it. The extensions that you removed can be used again and re-taped.
If you follow these steps to remove your tape in hair extensions, your extension will last longer. And you can find other hair extensions, such as clip in hair extensions and flip in hair extensions from UniWigs.

How To Cut And Layer Hair Extensions

As many of you know, clip in hair extensions are worn by women worldwide and are in high demand. Many women choose clip in hair extensions to enhance their look and make their hair appear thicker and longer. Today we are going to show you a tutorial about how to cut and layer hair extensions to make them more natural.
 Step1 Clipping all the hair extensions into place around the head. With them clipped into their proper spot they can be trimmed down to the desired length. After the hair is roughly trimmed the hair extensions are removed so they can be layered and thinned out.
Step2 Layering the extensions is easy to do once you know how to properly position the scissors. Starting about 2-3 inches up from the bottom of the hair, carefully snip downwards at a vertical angle, until the bottom of the strands are reached. This method is continued through each extension so they are all thinned evenly.
Step3 The last step is to clip the extensions back into place, once more on the head, and trim the hair around the face to align with any face framing layers. This will help them blend better with your tresses and appear more natural.
It’s quite easy, right? If your are considering buying hair extensions to enhance your look, don’t miss out the clip in hair extension from UniWigs.